Redford Naturals Dog Food Reviews: Is It Worth For Your Pet?

Redford Naturals is a relatively new company producing high-quality dog food.

Established in 2016, it quickly gained a foothold in the market, though it is less recognizable than other brands.

They are in the business of making dog food, cat food, and other pet supplies.

The Redford Naturals may be a new kid in town; the parent company, Pet Supplies, however, is not.

It is into selling food for lovable pets for more than four decades and is one of the recognizable companies in pet food manufacturing.

So it may be new, but it comes from a company with a solid business reputation. However, the mother company itself exchanged ownership twice since the founding of Redford Naturals.

Where is It Produced and Manufactured?

Redford Naturals

Some pet owners are wary of dog products from other countries; most believe that USDA and AAFCO have more stringent standards than others. They can rely on the quality and nutrients in products made here.

If you want pet food for your beloved creatures produced here, Redford Naturals produce and manufacture its products here in the U.S.

Though owned by Pet Supplies, CJ Foods produces the dog food for this product line.

CJ Foods manufactures nearly three dozen kibbles for various pet food companies.

Most ingredients, particularly protein sources, carbohydrates, grains, and fats, came from the United States.

Understandably, some nutrients, minerals, and other natural chemicals come from other countries with rich sources and supplies. Examples would be Vitamins A and E, Niacin, and Thiamine Mononitrate.

Are the Ingredients of Good Quality?

Their excellent ingredients and quality allow Redford Naturals to gain recognition and be the favorite of many dog owners.

Though not at par with other established dog food brands, theirs combines excellence and novelty.

That makes them the preferred choice of pet parents and dogs alike.

For proteins and amino acids, they use chicken, lamb, beef, salmon, and turkey โ€“ a wide array of choices concerning meat and protein meals.

They are high-quality proteins that can give your pet dog leaner muscles, loaded with nutrients vital for their health and well-being.

Some of their dog food have boar meat and internal organs, which further boosts the product’s protein contents.

Venison contains vital nutrients such as calcium and iron, giving this product line advantage over other dog food companies.

For carbs, they have grains and non-grain sources. They use high-quality grains like quinoa, brown rice, and oats, but they also use barley and oat bran.

The reason for including those grains is to make the nutrition more well-rounded, for they offer nutrients not available in other, high-quality grains.

Other dog food usually uses potatoes, peas, and lentils as sources of carbohydrates for their grain-free products.

The advantage of using peas is that they can also add to the overall protein content of a meal, though some consider plant-based proteins inferior to animal proteins.

Redford Natural, however, does not rely on them for carbohydrates. Instead, they use chickpeas, sweet potato formulas, and dried potatoes.

The advantage of sweet potatoes is that they have higher nutritional value, while dried potatoes provide fiber, which helps digestion and metabolism.

The fats usually come from the same sources as protein, but the Redford Naturals usually has additional fat from chicken, pork, and fish.

It is good to note that when it comes to fish oil, another rich source of fat comes from the U.S.

You can rely on its high quality, which is necessary for your dog to get the needed omega fatty acids, DHA, and EPA, which are vital for growth, immunity, and brain development.

Redford Naturals is true to its name; it never uses artificial flavors and additives for its dog food, relying instead on natural ingredients.

One worth mentioning is that their dog foods never contain taurine, though what taurine provides is available through proteins and amino acids in the dog food.

Has Redford Naturals Ever Been Involved in a Dog Food Recall?

Redford Naturals was never involved in any dog food product recall. Because they are relatively new, but the key ingredients are mainly from the United States, the company manufactures its dog food products here.

ย It means they are under strict regulations and must adhere to standards set by institutions governing the industry.

Be as it may, any responsible dog owner must always be aware of food recalls or the presence of questionable or controversial ingredients.

That can save the pet owner and the dog a lot of trouble.

The Redford Naturals: The Best Dog Food For Every Category

Redford Naturals

We can classify all the dog foods from this brand into four categories.

The first contains those healthy grains, the second is a grain-free diet, and the third is a limited-ingredient formula.

The final one is the freeze-dried dog food diet.

Redford Naturals Dog Food

Redford Natural Salmon and Brown Rice Recipe

The best thing about salmon is that it offers your dog a dry food rich in high-quality proteins while at the same time providing your dog with healthy fats and fish oil which contains essential nutrients.

With salmon, your dog can have omega fatty acids that contain DHA and EPA, vital for immunity and brain development.

And since it contains other fats, you are sure that this dog food, ideal for all ages, packs a lot of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals.

The presence of grains also makes this dog food well-rounded, for grains contain essential nutrients and vitamins, some are necessary for giving the dog healthy skin and a glowing look.

You must be aware that grains can cause allergies and upset stomachs if your dog has food sensitivities, better look for a grain-free alternative for your pet.

Redford Naturals Chicken and Rice Large Breed Recipe

Crude Protein: 24%

Crude Fat: 14%

This one contains chicken and chicken meals for protein sources and a rice formula for carbohydrates.

Like most Redford Naturals, it has flaxseed, blueberries, and other dried fruits and vegetables to give your dog enough immunity while at the same time giving it a healthy look through its coat and akin.

In addition to those ingredients, it also has oats, which are suitable for digestion and metabolism due to their fibers and is rich in Vitamin B, essential for keeping the nerves healthy.

It also contains herring meal and fish oil, vital sources of healthy fats and omega fatty acids that are important for growth and brain development.

With so many carbs and calories, 24 percent crude protein, and 14 percent crude fat, this one is ideal for large dogs.

It provides a well-rounded, balanced nutrition and healthy diet that can give a large breed all the proteins for muscles and the calories for energy.

Redford Naturals Grain-Free

Redford Naturals Grain-Free Venison And Potato Recipe

Crude Protein: 30%

Redford Naturals Grain-Free Venison And Potato Recipe

At 30 percent crude protein, this one has a higher protein content than the usual Redford Naturals dog food, which is best for dogs in dire need of protein for building muscles.

It has venison and turkey meal as animal protein sources, while it has chickpeas and dried potatoes for carbohydrates.

It contains flaxseed and has veggies like carrots and fruits like tomatoes and blueberries; your dog can have an excellent supply of antioxidants and other vitamins and minerals.

It contains vital nutrients such as zinc and iron, essential for boosting metabolism, making for better absorption of protein and other nutrients.

And since this is grain-free, you need not worry about the presence of allergens. It does not contain chicken meals or ingredients, and thus, makes it ideal for dogs that have food sensitivities.

Redford Naturals Limited Ingredient

Redford Naturals LID Salmon And Sweet Potato Recipe

Crude Protein: 30-35%

A Limited Ingredient (LID) can have grains or be grain-free. The determining factor, however, is the single protein source ingredient.

This LID has salmon, which provides lots of protein and nutrients for dogs’ growth and brain development.

And it has sweet potato formula as the primary source of carbohydrates and other nutrients. The advantage of sweet potatoes is that they contain lots of nutrients.

Still, you do away with the hassle of allergens, eliminating the possibility of having allergies or an upset stomach for your dog.

The puppy formulas of LID have higher protein percentages than the usual Redford Naturals dog food.

So, if your puppy needs a rich protein diet, having this one with salmon and sweet potatoes might be the best option.

Redford Naturals Freeze Dried

Redford Naturals Freeze-Dried Raw Beef Recipe

Crude Protein: 40-45%

Redford Naturals Freeze Dried

This type of dog food is as close to raw meat as it can ever be; as such, many dogs love and prefer it for its savory taste and appeal.

It contains so much protein, around 40 to 45 percent crude protein, way above those set by the AAFCO.

If you want your dog to have a tasty treat and have the nutrients and proteins for bulking up, give him one of these freeze-dried diets, or specifically, give him this beef recipe.

Beef could be a better alternative for several reasons. Other dogs are allergic to chicken and fish; you need not worry about your dog’s food sensitivities if you give him this one.

Beef is a delicious meat, much more if it approximates the raw beef, which our dogs will love. It will be the best dog treat for those in dire need of protein but picky eaters.

You hit two birds with one stone by giving your pet this dog food.

The meat by-products contribute to the overall protein content. The food also contains many minerals and nutrients, like zinc, manganese, and iron.

The chelated minerals allow your dog to process those nutrients and absorb all those proteins and amino acids, turning them into muscles or energy.

Final Thoughts

Despite being relatively new, it is easy to understand why Redford Naturals quickly gain a foothold in the market.

Though the mother company has been a fixture in the pet food manufacturing industry for so long, it has a lot of things going for it, things most pet owners love.

For one, their dog food is full of nutrients and usually offers balanced nutrition for most dogs. They are free of additives and artificial flavors and mainly use natural ingredients for their product.

If ever they use grains for their product, they use high-quality ones. It contains no soy, wheat, or corn, only those packed with nutrients and minerals, like brown rice.

You can be sure they will have all the nutrients from grains.

And for all types of dog food, they offer lots of flavors. It is customary for them to have several meat flavors available so that the pet owners can choose the one best for the pet.

If ever, the pet owner can avoid that food which can cause allergies, and go for the meat most suited for the dog.

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