Purina Pro Plan Vs Purina One: Which Is The Better Option?

Purina brands are among the famous brands of dog food in the market.

They are known for producing top-quality dog food, one packed with nutrients and at the same time palatable, if not outright delectable, to most dogs.

They have several brands in the market, the most in-demand being Purina Pro Plan and Purina One. They make up the bulk of Purina dog food and have the largest market share.

But which of the two is better? Does one have any advantage which merits being picked over the other, or are they just the same? Do they have differences? What are they significant enough to prefer one brand over the other?

The Purina One vs Pro Plan debate is on, and let us make a detailed comparison between the two, know the similarities and differences, and then compare which is better.

Key Similarities

Purina Pro

Among the fundamental similarities between Purina One and Purina Pro Plan are the following:

Real Meat

Dogs love real meat and prefer any food with chunks of real meat, whether chicken, beef, or fish. Real chunks taste better, whether wet dog food or dry dog food.

Purina One and Purina Pro Plan have chunks of real meat, making them stand out over other dog food.

Byproduct meals can be made delicious, but dogs certainly know better and will always prefer the real ones to the byproduct meals.

That makes them one of the more delectable dog foods many dogs love.

The presence of real meat means Purina does not need to rely much on fillers and additives, which makes their food also high in nutritional value.

Not Grain Free

The main difference between dry dog food and wet dog food is that the wet ones do not contain grains; in this way, wet food is similar to wet cat food.

Dry dog food versions of Purina One and Purina Pro Plan contain grains.

But not much; specifically, they contain rice formula, but the similarity ends there. Purina One contains rice flour, and Purina Pro Plan contains natural rice grains.

There may not be that much difference between the two grains, but they differ significantly in cost and taste.

It Has Controversial/Questionable Ingredients.

Purina One and Purina Pro Plan use ingredients packed with many nutrients that help digestion and boost the immune system, aside from having vitamins and minerals that boost overall health and well-being.

But some of it is controversial because they have harmful effects on some dogs, especially those with sensitive tummies and food allergies.

Among those foods are those with gluten, namely, corn gluten, soybean gluten, and wheat gluten.

Those foods contain allergens; the most controversial might be gluten. Some do not experience allergies, but other dogs have many sensitivities.

As such, having those ingredients preclude Purina from being the food of choice by dog owners for their beloved pets.

Another controversial ingredient is Menadione, a non-natural vitamin K that helps blood clotting and strengthening.

It can cause allergies, liver problems, and abnormalities in regulating and processing red blood cells.

Protein and Fat Content

Protein and Fat Content

Let us compare the average guaranteed analysis of Purina One And Purina Pro Plan:

Content Purina One Purina Pro Plan
Crude Protein 26% 26%
Crude Fat 16% 16%
Crude Fiber 3% 3%
Moisture 12% 12%

Purina One and Purina Pro contain the same protein at 26 percent. It is ideal for dogs needing an extraordinary amount of amino acids for their muscles and leaner build.

The protein content mainly comes from meat, chicken meal byproducts, and soy ingredients of the pet food.

Soybean meal boosts protein content, though plant-based protein like this is lower quality than animal-based protein.

It also has the same fat content, exceeding the dietary allowance required.

High-fat content is ideal for a healthy coat and highly active canines that need additional energy.

It is not ideal, though, for those who are obese or dogs that are not active and engaged in playing, running, and puffing.

Key Differences

Ingredients and Nutrients

Purina Pro Plan contains garlic oil, an ingredient absent in Purina One. Garlic oil is excellent for boosting the immune system, though some blame garlic oil for some afflictions or diseases.

It also has fish oil, which contains omega-3 fatty acids, vital in keeping the heart healthy, avoiding inflammation, and boosting overall health.

Purina One, meanwhile, has omega-6 fatty acids, vital for brain development, growth, and regulating metabolism.

Purina Pro Plan has more vitamins like Vitamin A, which is vital for eyesight and improving and boosting the immune system.

Compared to Purina One, Pro Plan does not have additives, a vital component of flavoring for Purina One.

Protein Source

Both have the same protein content, mostly animal protein, but that does not mean the protein is of the same quality.

Overall, Pro Plan has more excellent protein sources, including real meat and other ingredients such as fish meat and poultry products such as eggs.

Fat Source

Fat Source

The difference in omega fatty acids between Purina One and Pro Plan is due to differences in fat sources. Purina One uses beef meals for fat, which is rich in omega six fatty acids, while fish meals and fish oil are the best sources of omega three fatty acids, which Purina Pro Plan has.

Depending on the need, a pet owner may feed Purina One or Purina Pro Plan for the beloved pet. If a dog owner wants solid bones and healthy joints, one can choose Purina Pro Plan.

For puppies that need nutrients for growth and development, Purina One may be ideal.

Taste and Flavors

Both Purina pet food displays a wide array of flavors to deal with those picky dogs and demanding ones. It also has wet and dry dog food, so you can handle the kind of Purina you want to feed your pet.

For Purina One, choices include chicken, lamb, and salmon, while Purina Pro Plan has the same of those mentioned, plus other flavors. If your dog is more of a Purina Pro Plan eater, you can benefit from a wide variety of flavors.

Calorie Content

Calories keep your dogs going, the one that gives your beloved pet the needed source of energy. If there is a significant difference between Purina One and Pro Plan, it must be in the calories.

Both Purina brands have dog food available for dogs of all types and all ages. However, Purina One has a lesser caloric content than Purina Pro Plan.

For large breeds, Purina Pro Plan has nearly 50 calories more than Purina One; for medium breeds, Purina has more than a hundred calories more than Purina One per cup. There is a more than eighty calories difference between Purina Pro Plan and Purina One for small breeds.

As such, active dogs who are into running, jumping, hopping, and puffing, will have more calories for their activities if they eat Pro Plan. Those dogs that are more sedentary, and content looking and observing or guarding the house, will get their dietary caloric requirement by eating Purina One.



The best thing about Purina is you can have more for so much less, it is not that expensive, and you can have many nutrients and health benefits for your dogs without paying that much. That alone makes Purina products one of the ideal foods for pets, whether dogs or cats.

Comparing Purina One and Pro Plan, the first has more simple ingredients. It optimizes those ingredients and nutrients to give quality dog food to your pets at very affordable prices.

Purina Pro Plan has a wide array of flavors and uses more ingredients, which makes it packed with more nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. That makes it the more expensive option of the two.

Purina One Vs. Pro Plan: Which is Better?

The idea of which of the two is the best dog food will depend mainly on which can give the most health benefits, has the most nutritional value, with the most negligible drawbacks. A favorable balance or ratio between pros and cons is likely the ideal.

The most significant advantage of Purina One is that it is more affordable than Pro Plan, something you can expect considering the limited ingredients that the dog food has. Limited as the ingredients, those are optimized to give any dog maximum health benefits.

omega-6 fatty acids

Another advantage would be those omega-6 fatty acids from beef fat and other sources. That makes Purina One ideal for some puppies that need to bulk up and ideal for dogs who are still in the process of growing and developing their bodies and grains.

The emphasis on development and growth, coupled with a very affordable price, makes it ideal for puppies. Owners need not spend that much, especially with the puppy still young, but a pet owner need not sacrifice health; if ever the dog gains a lot eating Purina One dog food.

Price may be the only drawback of the Purina Pro Plan, at least compared to Purina One. For one, dogs need a lot of nutrients for their overall health, be it the coat, brain, heart, bones, and joints. Purina Pro Plan is also better for highly active dogs, no matter the breed type.

But aside from health benefits and nutritional value, Purina Pro Plan offers various flavors. As such, there are excellent options, especially for those dogs that are picky and choosy. If your dog needs many nutrients, vitamins, and minerals in Purina Pro Plan, you need not worry.

Purina One may contain lots of health benefits for growing puppies, but Purina Pro Plan offers a more, well-rounded approach to your dog’s health. The lack of omega-6 acids necessary for growth and development is offset by other nutrients, such as vitamin A, which is vital for the immune system.

Granting that Purina One may be better for puppies, Purina Pro Plan is better than dogs of other ages, especially seniors. The omega three fatty acids are crucial for joints and preventing afflictions such as arthritis. At the same time, vitamin A is crucial for eyesight and boosting the immune system, something senior dogs indeed need.

Final Thoughts

In summing up, here are the pros and cons of both Purina One and Pro Plan

Purina One


  • More affordable
  • Best for growing puppies, especially for their brain development.
  • You get many nutrients and health benefits for your dog for less.


  • It does not contain many omega-3 fatty acids.
  • It has fewer ingredients.
  • It has limited flavors available.

Purina Pro Plan


  • It has many ingredients.
  • It has more quality protein, mainly due to high-quality protein sources.
  • It is ideal for active dogs.
  • It has more nutritional value due to dog food having more ingredients.
  • It has many omega-3 fatty acids.
  • It has more flavors, ideal for picky ones.


  • It does not contain many omega-6 fatty acids.
  • It is not ideal for obese and those who are not active.
  • It is pretty expensive compared to others.

If the price difference is significant for you, you can choose Purina One over the other, for it has excellent health benefits despite the recipe and lesser nutritional value.

But if the health benefits truly matter and you are willing to sacrifice some pennies, Purina Pro Plan might be the better option.

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