7 Best Potato Free Dog Food For Your Picky Pets

Potatoes in dog food have their pros and cons.

Potatoes are an excellent energy source; they are rich in starch and calories, so they have excellent caloric content, even in small amounts.

That makes them ideal as a source of carbohydrates, especially for those dog foods that do not contain any grains or grain formula.

But on the other hand, they are of limited nutritional value; they do not offer that much aside from calories.

Worse, some dogs have allergies to potatoes, and having them as a source of carbs and calories is worse than having grains containing allergens.

If you need your dog to have many nutrients, vitamins, and minerals while avoiding the source of allergens, potato-free dog food might be your best option as a pet owner.

But are there ideal ones available in the market?

Fortunately, there are dog foods that can give you what potatoes can offer, minus the drawbacks associated with it. Here are the seven best potato free dog foods available in the market.

7 Best Potato-Free Dog Food

The Top Seven Potato Free Dog Foods are:

  • Merrick Classic Healthy Grains Lamb: Best Overall. Excellent, high-quality proteins, no soy, corn, wheat, and has so many vitamins and minerals.
  • Nutro Ultra Senior dog food: Best for Senior Dogs. Good for digestion and metabolism, does not contain allergens.
  • Canidae Grain Free Pure: Best for Picky Eaters. Delectable, has a lot of flavors, grain free.
  • Orijen Original Grain-Free Dog Food
  • American Journey Salmon And Sweet Potato
  • Farmers Dog Fresh Dog Food
  • Ziwi Peak Air-Dried Dog Food

Merrick Classic Healthy Grains Lamb

Merrick Classic Healthy Grains Lamb

We consider it the best, for it offers an excellent balance of nutrition and taste; this is one of those that most dogs of all kinds genuinely love.

Lots of nutrients, minerals, and vitamins are in this dog food, and it has excellent grains, making it ideal for those looking for substitutes for potatoes for their dogs.

It contains deboned meat of lamb, lamb meal, salmon meal, barley, oatmeal, brown rice, flaxseed, and chia seeds, among others.

It does not contain wheat, soy, or corn, a familiar source of allergies for most dogs, and it does not contain any potato additives and the like.

The deboned lamb and salmon meal offer a lot of protein, but more than that, it has necessary nutrients like omega-3 fatty acids common in most fish.

Your pet can build lots of muscles and stay immune and healthy against diseases, while the grains contain lots of nutrients, like Taurine, which helps in brain development.

  • Crude Protein: 23%
  • Crude Fat: 16%
  • Crude Fiber: 3.5%
  • Moisture: 11%


  • It has tremendous amounts of meat protein and amino acids.
  • It contains glucosamine and chondroitin, which are ideal for bones, joints, and cartilage.
  • It does not have corn, wheat, or soy, which contain many allergens.
  • It has lots of omega-3 fatty acids, mainly due to salmon meal.
  • It contains nearly two dozen vitamins and minerals.


  • Kibble is tough to chew and may not be suitable for a toy or small breed.
  • Not best to mix it with water.

Orijen Original Grain-Free Dog Food

Orijen Original Grain-Free Dog Food

Suppose you want dog food for your pet that is free of any allergens from potatoes or grains while having lots of nutrients; this is the one.

It has excellent protein sources, one guaranteed fresh, minimizing your pet’s exposure to allergens.

It has deboned turkey, eggs, salmon, and herring. Those are excellent sources of protein but also of fats, and fatty acids, like omega-3 fatty acids.

Other ingredients such as peas, pumpkins, veggies, and fruits contain many minerals, vitamins, and nutrients.

Grains are essential because of nutrients, but what it has can compensate for the lack of those vitamins and minerals that would have been otherwise available.

Plus, your pet dog is not under any threat of having allergies.

  • Crude Protein: 38%
  • Crude Fat: 18%
  • Crude Fiber: 4%
  • Moisture: 12%


  • It has real meat as its primary ingredient, making it rich in protein and fats.
  • Refrigeration always allows it to be fresh.
  • Many dogs love the taste of this dog food.
  • Mostly made of natural ingredients, guaranteed fresh.


  • It is pretty expensive
  • It has pea starch as a substitute for grains and potatoes.

American Journey Salmon And Sweet Potato

American Journey Salmon And Sweet Potato

Sweet potatoes, of course, are different from potatoes, and a sweet potato recipe is always a better alternative for potatoes, even among us humans

But with fish meat that packs so much protein and is known to be very nutritious, you can have the ideal, potato-free dog food for your pet.

American Journey And Sweet Potato contain deboned salmon, chicken meal, turkey meal, and peas to make up the first five ingredients with sweet potato.

It has beet pulp and protein additives that add to the protein content, making it ideal for those who want their dogs to be more robust and have leaner muscles.

Because of its rich protein content, this may not be best for dogs that are obese or prone to overeating.

Taken in the right amounts, however, it can give all the necessary nutrients your dog needs, minus the hassle of allergens and food allergies.

  • Crude Protein: 32%
  • Crude Fat: 14%
  • Crude Fiber: 5%
  • Moisture: 10%


  • It has excellent high-quality protein content.
  • It is best as a topper and mixes well with water.
  • This dog food is easily digestible, which is good for digestion and metabolism.
  • It does not contain any potato derivatives and the like.


  • Limited options and flavors for this brand of dog food.
  • Some dogs do not like the taste of some of the flavors.

Canidae Grain-Free Pure

Canidae Grain-Free Pure

If your pet dog is picky, has extreme food sensitivities, and does not want it to miss any essential nutrients, Canidae can be a great help.

Available in ten recipes, it sports a grain-free dog food formula guaranteed to avoid giving your dog food allergies.

All of it while maintaining a healthy mixture of all the essential nutrients, vitamins, and minerals.

Lamb and turkey are among the meat favorites of most dogs from this one.

It contains a lot of protein meals, too, guaranteeing your dog will remain robust, have lean muscles and stay healthy.

It has legumes and peas for starch sources and contains lots of veggies that provide excellent fiber content.

It contains natural antioxidants and many vitamins like C and E, essential for a glowing coat, healthy skin, and immunity.

  • Crude Protein: 25 %
  • Crude Fat: 15%
  • Crude Fiber: 5%
  • Moisture:  10%


  • It is rich in protein due to meat and byproduct meals.
  • It has low allergen content, if ever,
  • It is grain free.
  • It is primarily fresh and contains natural ingredients.
  • It does not contain potato additives and the like.


  • It does not contain much starch as provided by potatoes and other grains.

Farmers Dog Fresh Dog Food

Farmers Dog Fresh Dog Food

If you want one that is undoubtedly free of allergens, including potatoes, no one can top Farmer’s Dog.

The ingredients are specially made and customized for dogs with specific health issues and sensitivities, so you need not worry about food containing any ingredients harmful to your pet.

It is natural and fresh; there are no additives or artificial ingredients.

They can prepare the dog food based on your dog’s preference for particular deboned meat and customize it to whatever health benefits you want for your beloved pet.

You will list your dog’s age or life stage, breed, activities, and allergies or health issues. Then they can make one that will optimize your dog’s activities while keeping them healthy without allergies.

  • Crude Protein: 39%
  • Crude Fat: 29%
  • Crude Fiber: Not Indicated
  • Moisture: Not Indicated


  • Real meat is the primary ingredient.
  • It has natural ingredients, guaranteed fresh.
  • Customized for your dogs by a nutritionist.
  • It does not contain additives and artificial flavoring, or ingredients.


  • It can be expensive.
  • It can be time-consuming; you need to fill out details now and then.
  • Cold storage or refrigeration is a must.

Ziwi Peak Air-Dried Dog Food

Ziwi Peak Air-Dried Dog Food

This dog food, packed with so much protein, can help your dog be robust and have lean muscles in no time and is also rich in glucosamine and chondroitin, essential for keeping joints and cartilage healthy.

It might be the best dog food for those who want their pet to be genuinely muscular while capably supporting the frame.

Lamb is the supreme source of protein, but it also has lamb meat organs, which contain essential minerals, vitamins, and nutrients.

The mussels, meanwhile, are the source of those joint and ligament-strengthening nutrients.

It does not have additives but has superfoods, such as kelp, necessary for providing antioxidants that keep your pet healthy by boosting its immune system.

The air-drying method allows the company to avoid using preservatives, reducing the chances of having allergens in the pet food.

  • Crude Protein: 44%
  • Crude Fat: 24%
  • Crude Fiber: 3%
  • Moisture: 14%


  • More than 90 percent of dog food is lamb meat and internal organs.
  • It does not use preservatives, artificial flavors, and other additives.
  • It contains superfoods having lots of nutrients that boost the immune system.
  • Ideal for dogs of all life stages.
  • It is excellent for making your dog robust due to its high protein content.
  • It has nutrients for keeping joints and ligaments healthy.


  • It is pretty expensive
  • Some dogs developed loose stools upon eating it.
  • It can cause vomiting, mainly due to the high protein content.

Nutro Ultra Senior Dog Food

Nutro Ultra Senior Dog Food

Because of their age and state of health, elderly dogs need nutrition that may vastly differ from other dogs.

As such, you need to avoid feeding them food that contains allergies while ensuring that they meet the dietary requirements and have all the nutrition required for their age.

This dog food for seniors may fit the bill; the vitamins and minerals suit a senior dog, and so does the protein, fat, and carbohydrate content their condition requires.

This dog food is easy to digest, making it ideal for seniors with digestion problems and any dog with a sensitive stomach.

This dog food is rich in protein, with lamb, chicken, and salmon being the key ingredients. In addition, it has more than ten superfoods that allow you to cover all your health needs.

 It has antioxidants and the like and contains many fibers acting as prebiotics which helps in healthy digestion and having good metabolism.

  • Crude Protein: 26%
  • Crude Fat: 11%
  • Crude Fiber: 4%
  • Moisture: 10%


  • One of the best potato-free dog food for elderly dogs.
  • It is rich in protein which is vital for the health of most senior dogs.
  • It has essential nutrients like chondroitin, glucosamine, and antioxidants.
  • Best for dogs that have problems with digestion.
  • It does not contain corn, wheat, soy, or any other grains containing allergens.
  • Best for active dogs and best for keeping them alert.


  • Not best for those dogs that are obese or in danger of being obese due to high-fat content.
  • They are not best as toppers or when mixed with water.

Final Thoughts

Potatoes are excellent sources of carbohydrates and could be genuinely excellent for dogs in need of cheap energy sources.

But it has severe limitations due to low nutritional levels; worse, some dogs are better off not consuming it because they develop food allergies.

But with these seven best potato dog foods in the market, you can entirely avoid potatoes as a food energy source for your pet dog.

You avoid trouble for your dog eating food with low nutritional levels or your dog having allergies due to them.

The seven options provide you with a wide range of dog food, from affordable to expensive, easy to digest and eat to customized ones.

Whatever the case, your dog can have the nutrition and energy needed to stay active and healthy.

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