8 Best dog Food For Great Dane

They are probably imposing because of their size, but Great Danes are far from menacing creatures; if ever, they are also among the cutest, lovable pets you can have.

Many consider them gentle giants; they do not throw their weight around.

They are affectionate and always show empathy with their owners. They are playful with children, but they are equally reliable, to guard their homes or their owners if they perceive them to be under threat, but they go along well with other animals in the household.

Just like any other pet, you need to be mindful of what you are going to feed them.

The size of the dog and the activity requires a particular meal that will suit their general health and well-being.

So, what is the best dog food for Great Dane? Here are some of the best that you can feed your gentle giant dog.

The 8 Best Dog Food For Great Dane

Here are the Top 8 Best Dog Foods for Great Dane to keep them healthy-

Holistic Select Giant Breed Dog Food

Holistic Select Giant Breed Dog Food

As the name implies, it takes a well-rounded approach to give you the best meal for your Great Dane.

Consisting of chicken meal, rice, oatmeal, chicken fat, beet, and pumpkin, it tries to give all the nutrients the large breed needs to stay healthy.

It has nearly one-fourth of protein content, keeping the dog lean and not gaining excess weight, which might put extra stress on the joints.

The fat content is minimal and contains omega fatty acids that are good for the heart and coat.

It contains antioxidants and glucosamine, which helps in managing stress. Overall, this dog food covers a lot of bases for maintaining your Great Dane in excellent, tip-top shape.


  • It contains many nutrients to keep your pet dog healthy and in top condition.
  • It has probiotics that help the pet have good digestion, perfect for those with a sensitive tummy.
  • Probiotics also maximize nutrient absorption.
  • Reduces the tendency of the Great Dane to overeat.


  • Kibble sizes are smaller compared to other foods for a large breed.

Wellness Large Breed Dog Food

Wellness Large Breed Dog Food

It has the same ingredients and nutrients as the first one; deboned chicken, chicken meal, brown rice, barley, and peas.

It has the same amount of protein but gives more carbohydrates for your gentle, large dog.

The carbohydrates give a lot of energy to your Great Dane. It also has whole grains and peas that contain many minerals like calcium and phosphorus.

That is essential for making the bones strong and repairing tissues and ligaments.

This dog food, in short, maintains the overall health of the Great Dane and protects it from wear and tear due to activities and increasing weight.


  • It has the needed protein content for the pet dog.
  • The carbohydrates give more energy to the Great Dane.
  • Other nutrients help in keeping the bones and joints strong.


  • Some ingredients can cause problems in the tummy.
  • Not ideal for a Great Dane with allergies.
  • Your pet dog may not like grains.

Royal Canin Great Dane Puppy Dry Dog Food

Royal Canin Great Dane Puppy Dry Dog Food

If you are looking for dog food specific to Great Danes, look no further than this dry dog food.

Available in two packages, it has a higher protein content but is low calorie, ensuring that the dog grows steadily, slowly but surely.

Made of chicken byproduct meal, brewer’s rice, corn, and wheat gluten, this canine food for lovable Great Dane puppies packs lots of nutrients, such as calcium and phosphorus.

 It contains much fiber that allows for good digestion. Great Dane pups with sensitive tummies will benefit from this dog food meal.


  • Its high protein content; but low-fat content; makes it ideal for puppies’ growth.
  • It has nutrients for building strong bones and muscles.
  • It contains a lot of fiber which is best for the digestive system.


  • Byproduct meals are inferior to real meat.
  • It contains some allergens in chicken and gluten.
  • It does not have an excellent dog food-to-price ratio.

Blue Buffalo Large Breed Adult Dog Food

Blue Buffalo Large Breed Adult Dog Food

From puppies to senior Great Danes, here, Blue Buffalo is king.

Many consider it the best for older Great Danes, who make their way to the senior years earlier than usual, especially compared to toy dogs and little ones.

Made of deboned chicken, chicken meal, barley, oats, and brown rice; this dry dog food boasts lots of nutrients and antioxidants that help senior Great Danes in old age; stay active and go on and play with children comfortably.

It contains glucosamine, which helps regenerate joints and ligaments, and has the ideal protein content to keep him lean and prevent him from gaining weight.

It has vitamin E that deals with the adverse effects of aging and fibers for good digestion.


  • It has many nutrients to keep our beloved giant pet healthy despite aging.
  • Ideal for supporting joints, and ligaments, maintaining weight, and keeping the glow.
  • It has ideal protein and carbohydrate content.


  • It has grains that may turn off some Great Danes.
  • It has some allergens primarily due to its chicken content.
  • Not ideal for those switching from other brands.

Eukanuba Puppy Large Breed Dry Dog Food

Eukanuba Puppy Large Breed Dry Dog Food

You may want your Great Dane puppy to be intelligent and be a cut above the rest.

This one from Eukanuba, specifically made for large breeds, may do the trick: it has nutrients that target brain development without sacrificing growth and overall health.

With chicken, chicken byproduct meal, chicken fat, corn, and wheat, this dry dog food has the needed DHA, the substance essential for brain development.

It has enough calcium and phosphorus to build the bones and has the right amount of protein, fats, and fiber to help your puppy grow, have good digestion, and glow while remaining active to be playful.

This dog food is ideal for puppies up to fifteen months of age.


  • It contains DHA, which is best for brain development.
  • It contains calcium and phosphorus for building bones and strengthening ligaments and tissues.
  • It has the right amount of carbohydrates and protein to give the large breed puppy enough energy for optimal growth.


  • It can cause allergies due to chicken content.
  • It can cause diarrhea in Great Danes with sensitive stomachs.
  • Not ideal for a Great Dane picky eater.

Hill’s Science Adult Large Breed Dry Dog Food

Hill’s Science Adult Large Breed Dry Dog Food

Great Danes, like other large breed dogs, age quicker and live shorter than others.

A Great Dane adult might well be into seniors a couple of years after birth.

Hill’s Science developed this dog food specific to the needs of large breeds that aged quicker than others.

Like other dog food for senior dogs, it has glucosamine and chondroitin for joints, mainly from ingredients such as chicken, rice, and barley.

It has healthy omega fatty acids for the heart and vitamin E vital for keeping the glow and mitigating the adverse effects of aging.

One thing that makes this dry dog food better is that the food is quicker and easier to digest, allowing the body to optimize far quicker those vital nutrients.

That is essential for senior dogs who may have slower metabolism due to advanced age.


  • It has all the vital nutrients ideal for a senior Great Dane.
  • The easy-to-digest food allows the dog to absorb vital nutrients quickly.
  • Chondroitin and glucosamine make joints and ligaments stronger.


  • It contains some allergens primarily due to chicken content.
  • It has corn and soy, which may not be ideal for senior dogs.
  • It is easy to digest but does not contain probiotics that help digestion.

Purina Pro Plan Giant Breed Dog Dry Food

Purina Pro Plan Giant Breed Dog Dry Food

Gentle as may be, Great Danes are large creatures prone to injuries or some affliction specific to dogs of larger breeds.

If you want to prevent your large but gentle pet from having one by taking care of their bones and hip and maintaining their weight, this one from Purina is best.

With real chicken, brewer’s rice, corn gluten meal, oatmeal, and whole grains, this one packs a high protein meal with very low-fat content to make your Great Dane leaner, thereby supporting overall weight.

It makes your dog less prone to injury, as it can ably support the weight.

It also has probiotics that enhance the immune system and glucosamine, which is best for joints.

The result would be an agile, flexible Great Dane that can play without serious threat of injury or wear and tear.


  • The dog food adds mobility and agility to your Great Dane.
  • It strengthens the immune system.
  • It allows the pet to support his weight due to leaner muscles.
  • It makes your lovely pet less prone to injury.


  • It can cause allergies, which may lead to hives and even vomiting.
  • It has whole grains.

Taste of The Wild Grain-Free Canned Dog Food

Taste of The Wild Grain-Free Canned Dog Food

Do you want to give your dog a break and give the Great Dane one free of grain yet still packing the needed nutrients essential for health? This one from Taste of the Wild might suit your dog.

This wet dog food for Great Danes is best for picky ones, with beef, lamb broth, some vegetables, lamb liver, potatoes, and peas.

Those ingredients can give your pet the needed nutrients and energy, high moisture and wet matter notwithstanding.

The best thing about it is that large dog breeds love this wet dog food. But you need to feed your pet dog other foods, lest the Great Dane miss on vital nutrients.

This one is more expensive than the others too.


  • It has a lot of nutrients despite moisture and wet matter.
  • It does not cause food allergies because it has no chicken content.
  • Your pet dog will surely love it.
  • The presence of vegetables means significant amounts of vitamin A for your lovely gentle giant.


  • Your dog might miss out on other essential nutrients.
  • It is pretty expensive compared to others.
  • It has no grains, which is crucial for having a healthy heart.

Final Thoughts

The Great Dane dog has needs that are different from other canines, be they large dog breeds or toy dog breeds and smaller, cute ones.

They are big and heavy, playful but do not have the intense activities usually associated with other dogs, such as Labrador Retrievers and German Shepherds.

Be mindful of what your Great Dane is eating. Missing out on vital nutrients may have serious repercussions, like being prone to injury, indigestion and bloating, and severe heart conditions.

The diet regimen is also essential. Some Great Dane dog food can cause your pet to quickly gain weight, resulting in added pressure to joints, while not eating or barely eating might cause the dog to miss some nutrients or not gain weight, making him also prone to injury.

A Great Dane is truly a great, lovable companion, and as a Great Dane owner, you need to genuinely take care of the dog to live healthily and have a longer life.

You can spend much time together and have meaningful interaction if he is in optimal health.

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