Aldi Pure Being Dog Food Review – Healthy And Savory?

Most dogs love Aldi Pure Being because of its high-quality ingredients, delectable taste, and savory flavors.

It has meat as the main ingredient for dog food and offers an overall balanced nutrition ideal for dogs that are in the best of health and does not suffer from any disease or affliction.

And at affordable prices, Aldi Pure Being could be an excellent option for pet parents. But how excellent are the Aldi Pure dog foods? Are they a worthy alternative to other famous dog food brands, or are they just pure hype?

Can it be the best dog food, and does it offer that much to dogs in terms of nutrition and taste?

The Pure Being

The Pure Being

It is the most premium dog food of Aldi. The other one is more affordable than Pure Being, but Pure Being has more high-quality ingredients and nutrients than the other Aldi brand.

Aldi Pure Being is a famous brand across the Atlantic and is now trying to gain a foothold in the American market.

The price makes it a competitive brand, but it offers just a few options for pet parents.

It has two dry food recipes and provides three wet food options.

Those are just a few options, which hardly compare to other brands that provide options not only for other life stages but also for different dog breeds and those with special health conditions.

The Aldi Pure Being has no specialized dog food for those suffering from afflictions, diseases, or nutritional deficiencies.

So if your dog is suffering from health issues and may need a specified diet, this dog food is not the best option. It is best for those that have no issues and do not suffer from many food sensitivities.

Ingredients and Nutrients

Aldi Pure Being is famous for its meat ingredients. Meats are an excellent protein source, so you can be sure your dog will get enough high-quality proteins for muscles and energy.

 It also has a lot of fats and tremendous amounts of fiber. But whether those are best for your dog will depend on how often they eat, their lifestyle, and their health condition.

A typical Aldi Pure Being dry dog food usually contains 25 percent protein, 15 percent fats, and nearly 4 percent of fiber. The protein is just right, but the fats are a bit high; you need your dog to be extra active if it is on this diet.

Otherwise, there is the possibility it might get obese or have some afflictions.

Aside from obesity, diabetes is a common disease associated with a high-fat diet. The best thing is for you to consult with the veterinarian and ask for an appropriate diet or proper exercise regimen for your dog.

Most pet owners and experts like this dog food because it is free of artificial flavors, additives, and fillers.

It does not contain many allergens, and as such, this might be one of the better foods for dogs with food allergies or have upset stomachs due to those ingredients.

They have grain-free dog food that uses sweet potatoes as a source of carbohydrates.

Sweet potato formulas are excellent because they do not contain allergens but provide tremendous amounts of calories and have many nutrients.

Does It Contain Controversial Ingredients?


 One ingredient, not necessarily controversial, is canola oil. Canola oil is present in other dog food brands and contains a lot of fats, which are necessary for giving our dogs the needed lift and energy.

Canola oil is a processed oil; it is not a natural oil; fish oil is a natural oil. That is not dangerous in itself, and there is a question about whether it is harmful to dogs.

One issue people cannot discount is the possibility that some process canola oil or produce it through GMOs.

If ever, the Pure Being can resort to using natural oils and fish oils. Most studies proved natural oils to have more beneficial effects like having more nutrients, while not harming dogs.

More serious is the ingredient Carrageenan, a food thickener proven to cause cancer among humans. The jury is still out concerning the harmful effects of this ingredient on dogs.

 But if you want dog food for your pet that is free of this kind of ingredient, you might look for better alternatives than this one.

There are also issues concerning other ingredients, like animal liver. As to what kind of โ€œanimal liver,โ€ the brand never discloses in the dog food packaging, so we have no idea about the ingredient.


Those are some issues, but still, many pet owners here in the country are beginning to give their dogs a steady supply of this product.

The reason is that it can give your lovable pet excellent nutrition while having it at an affordable price.

For most, a reasonable price with a healthy amount of nutrients, proteins, and fats is a good bargain. With competitive pricing, it can give most dog food brands a run for their money.

For instance, a standard, four-pound bag of Aldi Pure Being dry dog food costs only six dollars, while a 14.1 oz canned wet food costs only $1.57.

Aldi Pure Being Dog Food Reviews

Here are some of the dog foods Aldi Pure Being offers in the market.

Aldi Pure Being Salmon and Potatoes Grain-Free Recipe

Aldi Pure Being Salmon and Potatoes Grain-Free Recipe

It has salmon as the meat ingredient, so it is rich in protein, plus you can be sure that it is rich in omega fatty acids.

It contains sweet potatoes and has a perfect amount of nutrients and minerals, providing excellent carbs and calorie supply for your dog.

It is grain-free and contains no soy, corn, or wheat. But it contains chicken meals, which might cause some allergies to dogs with food sensitivities.

  • Crude Protein: 25%
  • Crude Fat: 15%
  • Crude Fiber: 3%
  • Moisture: 10%


  • It is rich in protein, with salmon as the main ingredient.
  • It is rich in fatty acids due to salmon meat.
  • It has excellent nutrients for healthy skin and a glowing coat.
  • It is easy to digest and best for a dog with a sensitive stomach.
  • It is affordable.


  • Not best for dogs allergic to chicken.

Aldi Pure Being Deboned Chicken and Brown Rice Recipe

Aldi Pure Being Deboned Chicken and Brown Rice Recipe

This one has chicken as the main ingredient, the primary protein source, so it contains many nutrients vital for bones, joints, and cartilage, like glucosamine.

It contains brown rice and other healthy grains, so your dog can have a rich source of carbohydrates, which is ideal for active dogs in need of a constant energy source.

It has vegetables and fruits that contain essential nutrients like antioxidants, which are vital for boosting the immune system.

It does not contain soy, corn, or wheat, so you need not worry about your dog having allergies or an upset stomach due to grains.

  • Crude Protein: 24.7%
  • Crude Fat: 14%
  • Crude Fiber: Not Indicated
  • Moisture: Not Indicated


  • It has chicken as the primary protein source.
  • It has vegetables and fruits that contain essential nutrients like antioxidants.
  • It contains probiotics that help with healthy digestion and faster metabolism.
  • It is affordable.


  • It is not grain free.
  • Chicken ingredients might cause allergies and upset stomachs in dogs.
  • It uses canola oil as a source of fat.
  • It was involved in a dog food recall.

Aldi Pure Being Beef and Chicken Wet Dog Food Recipe

Aldi Pure Being Beef and Chicken Wet Dog Food Recipe

Wet food is sometimes the best option: it is easy to chew, does not pose problems in digestion, and is delectable for most dogs.

If you can have one packed with lots of nutrients and balanced nutrition, all the best for your dog.

That is what the beef and chicken recipe offers: a salacious dog treat to ensure that your dog will keep eating and will not miss out on essential nutrients.

The only issue here is that it contains other ingredients which cause some allergies and upset stomachs for some dogs.


  • It is rich in protein, with beef as the main ingredient.
  • Pet owners need not worry about allergens from grains.
  • The dog food is suitable for dogs having a hard time with kibbles.


  • It has many ingredients that might be heavy for some dogs.
  • The chicken ingredient may cause allergies in some dogs.

Pure Being: The Upshot

We must mention that the Pure Being was involved in a dog food recall. It happened in July 2021, when the FDA issued a recall order for the Chicken and Brown Rice Recipe due to molds in the dog food.

That was just recent, but there was no incidence of any dog dying or getting sick because of the food. However, that certainly puts a dent in the reputation of this dog food brand.

Is it better than other dog food brands? We cannot ignore the presence of some processed ingredients; natural ingredients are far superior in taste and nutrition. So this is a minus point.

Another one would be the fewer options they present to the pet owners.

There are only two dry dog foods and three wet foods available, very few, especially if you have a picky eater for a dog.

One thing going for this brand is that most dogs find them delectable. Most owners noted that it is easier to switch to this dog food brand than others.

They also offer a well-rounded, healthy diet for most dogs. Their dog foods are suitable for most dog breeds and all life stages, which is a big plus for this dog food brand.

And finally, they offer an affordable option for most pet owners.

A pet food that is delectable and healthy, one that dogs will love, offers excellent nutrition, is one that pet owners will love for their dogs.

Final Thoughts

The Aldi dog food is trying to gain a foothold in the U.S. market, and the competitive pricing and nutrition they provide the dogs make them appealing to a pet owner.

There are some issues, some may even say red flags, but the jury is still out concerning those controversial ingredients.

One serious drawback is the need for more options. They offer too few for most dog owners, as the Aldi dog food reviews show, especially when talking about the flavor.

Many are still determining what benefits some ingredients can provide to their dogs.

But there is no doubt about the balanced nutrition, the protein content and fat content, and the quality of carbohydrates it has, whether grains or grain-free.

It can be a good option if your dog does not need any special diet and does not suffer from allergies.

It is also one of the more affordable dog foods on the market.

But if your pet has allergies and some medical issues, it will be best to consult the veterinarian for other diet options.

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